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Immersed in the peaceful and fragrant Aeolian countryside, about 5 kmfrom the historic center and 7 kmfrom the sea, the farm is born from the renovation of an old farmhouse typical of the islandof Lipari.

With beautiful views of the coast south of the Calabria and of the Tyrrhenian Sicily, on which stands the majestic Mount Etna, in a environment of relaxa are magically blended the flavors and smells of the island’s cuisine.

Rosaria, owner, offers its customers the genuine products, its own production, of the aeolian countryside. The entrees based on vegetables, macaroni “zu Peppino” and the sweet and sour rabbit, leave on your palate the flavor typical of the “recipes” of the peasant.

The structure is open all year round and offers comfortable bedrooms with light d├ęcor and comfortable to make your stay enjoyable.

The strategic location of the place allows nature lovers the opportunity to make the walks in the beautiful countryside whilst, sea lovers, the opportunity to participate in organized excursions to discover the beauty of the coasts of the multi-chromatic, for the most demanding, the opportunity to visit the “Castle of Lipari” which contains, like a jewelry box,, the ancient history of the Aeolian Islands.

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